tuja wellness and Running with Bears

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Back in February 2011, a friend of mine gave me a shout to help write and edit a few pages for a website called Healthy Living Canada. It was a small, simple website listing a variety of wellness resources and vendors in Canada. To keep this story relatively short, I came out of my first meeting with them with questions about their vision for the site [...]

30 Things I Learned About Yoga (Yoga Challenge: Day 30)

Photo by Paul Zizka Photography: www.zizka.ca

30 Days of Yoga = approximately 36 hours on the mat in 1 month and a whole lot of learning… 1. One of the best ways to awake from Savasana is in the same way you would wake a lover or a small child: with gentleness and tenderness. 2. When we humble ourselves, let ourselves rest […]

3 Intentions (Yoga Challenge: Day 29)

This is the first time in this challenge that I am writing a post in advance. While it would be great to have been able to write after each class, I want to make sure a post goes up each day of the challenge but I’m headed out ski touring until Sunday evening. So, I […]

Learning to Breathe (Yoga Challenge: Day 28)

Just a quick one today because it is quite simple. It all has to do with wishing I had learned something about yoga well before I started the asanas (postures). I was reminded today by a fellow student that was most likely completely unaware of her frantic breath. Now, I have been there before and […]


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