Greetings from the Rich Coast

Hola from the capital of Costa Rica! I find myself  typing on a letterless keyboard, scarred by over-use of other backpackers. It  challenges even the most prolific of typers.

I landed yesterday in San Jose after a long and tedious day of travel. My hostel feels a bit like a fortress and safe-haven in this otherwise tedious, busy, loud, and crowded city. The staff here at the hostel are friendly and helpful, but downtown San Jose is a bit of a maze, and today I felt like a mouse in a lab trying to find my way to some building between Calle 3 and 5 when only about 2% of the streets are actually indicated. A nice bus trip through the countryside on my way down to Puerto Jimenez tomorrow will offer a nice antidote to this somewhat overwhelming day.

Today, my errands took me to the Banco Nacional where I stumbled my way through an important transaction – in an embarrasing display of Franish/Spench –  in order to secure my reservation at Crestones Base Lodge, which sits close to the summit of Cerro Chirripo, the highest mountain in Central America. I also went to the supermercado, where a very large mango appealed to my yearning for fresh, tropical produce. The day was mostly spent researching and reading, and sipping on some of the best coffee  in the world, which costs a meagre dollar when I have to pay for it (a deal compared to the $2.20 I pay in Banff).

Well my frustration has proven to have lost to this keyboard, so I will close this entry for now. Internet access  seems widespread, though, so I should have better luck at some point. I am off to the South tomorrow for beaches and hiking, an 8-hour busride that will take me up to 10,000 feet and back down to sea-level.

Stay posted for more adventures from the Rich Coast!

© Meghan J. Ward, 2009.

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