Transcribing this from my journal entry on June 14…

Trying yet another one of Costa Rica’s coffee shops, this time the Rainforest Café. Costa Ricans sure love their café, and I love them for that. Or perhaps they know that we North Americans love coffee, and so they make it readily available. Apparently, Americans drink more coffee than Costa Ricans, though I would have to say that, based on observation, Ticos enjoy their coffee more – not simply downing it droopy-eyed in the morning and hourly thereafter to kick start the old engine.

best coffee in the world

Made traditionally, it takes much longer to produce just a single cup of coffee (Tico-style); a whole pot would be unthinkable and time-consuming, though Ticos seem to have all the time in the world.

I take a sip of what may be the best latté I have ever had. I have said that before while I’ve been here, but this time is unmistakable. And writing and coffee go so well together, except that it take me a long time to write and only a few short minutes to see the bottom of my coffee cup.

Rumour has it, one of the sentences Ticos used to make their children read while learning to read was something along the lines of  “I drink coffee every day. Coffee is good for me.” (I am fairly sure I have also heard my mother say this by her own volition and not simply reading a school textbook). Scientists have long debated whether or not coffee is “good” for you. No doubt, though, it is good for the soul and boosts your spirits.

A magical bean, I say.

Check out, one of the local coffee co-ops in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2009.

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