Becoming Intrigued By Your Own Experience (Yoga Challenge: Day 5)

“Become so intrigued by your own experience that nothing else matters.”

This was important for me to hear today. Lately I have been writing about how, in yoga, we need to get out of our minds and also learn not to be too hard on ourselves. After Erin said this thing about being “intrigued,” however, I made a new connection.

For me, intrigue carries with it a certain amount of curiosity and excitement. But one thing it doesn’t carry is judgement. Intrigue asks us to look at ourselves as an outsider would and be a witness to ourselves, keeping in mind that same tenderness I wrote about on Day 1.

So, today I started to simply watch myself, notice my thoughts and take note of the things I was feeling without adding any additional meaning. As I move into Days 6-30, I am excited to continue this process of watching and remarking and growing from there.

Lesson from Day 5

In addition to learning this new thing about “intrigue,” Erin reminded us today about learning to trust ourselves. If we really watch our breath – notice when it is smooth and when it is laboured – we’ll know when too much is too much or when it is time to try something new. For me, intrigue and curiosity play a role in this, too. Today, I was trying to pop up into Handstand from Downward Dog and I could feel myself holding back. I just wasn’t trusting myself enough. While I was walking home from class today, I wondered “if I had really gone for it, would I have stuck that handstand?”

I won’t know until next time I try. Curiosity tells me to just go for it.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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