Yoga Off the Mat (Yoga Challenge: Day 6)

Sometimes you have to practise yoga in the strangest of places.

Today it was 30 minutes into a phone call with my cell phone provider after I had already visited the local retail store to see if there was anything they could do to replace my broken cell phone. I was speaking to “Retentions” (because cell phone companies have to have a whole department allocated to dealing with angry customers that might switch to a new provider), who told me in the end that I need to go back to the retail store in town to have my issue resolved. I was now 2 hours into dealing with this problem and had been put on hold 3 times.

If there was any time I needed to put my Pranayama (breath) into practise, it was today.

I was sure to take a deep breath before responding to the poor “Retentions” associate at the other end of the line, who was just dealing with the cell phone company systems she had no control over.

When it was all said and done, I went to a Yin class to stretch the frustration out of me.

Lesson from Day 6

I learned today that it’s OK to ‘need’ to do yoga, even for selfish purposes. I needed to get to that Yin class tonight, not just because it was my last opportunity to get my gold star for Day 6, but because I needed a chill pill. Yoga is a great chill pill if you’re ever feeling stressed at work, had an argument with your partner or feeling overwhelmed with life’s circumstances.

Today I hardly thought about anything beyond the healthy pain of deep tissue stretching.

And I’m over the cell phone fiasco.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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