Try, Fall Over, Laugh, then Do It Again (Yoga Challenge: Day 10)

A Level 2 Ashtanga class is like climbing a mountain.

Photo by Jen Judd.

It starts off easy, in familiar terrain. In the Primary Series you travel a well-trodden path, rarely looking up to find the way (or follow the instructor). Then, all of a sudden you hit a fork in the road. You have to pull out your map – look up at other students – to see where each path will take you. The first progression will take you “here,” but if you want to go deeper, you’ll end up “here.” Tonight I learned that eventually I might be able to put one leg behind my head, the other straight up in the air and quasi-levitate on my hands (check out this photo for what this looks like). I’m not sure where the summit is for the people that can actually do this, but they must be on a different mountain altogether.

Lesson from Day 10

I laughed my way through the second half of class today as I struggled through the more advanced postures. I learned it’s fine, and totally necessary, to have a good sense of humour about yoga. People were falling all over the place, including me, but there was something playful about it because each person was pushing themselves to try new things.

So, next time you’re holding back give that posture a try. You might fall over doing it, but that’s ok…as long as you laugh afterwards.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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