The Up-Tick (Yoga Challenge: Day 14)

Halfway through.

Back when I was a Drama Major at Queen’s University, one of my professors explained how one of the major differences between a comedy and a tragedy is the “up-tick” at the end. Otherwise, comedies -à la Shakespeare and Molière – are like tragedies and are not always hunky-dory the whole way through.

Let me explain.

Like a comedy, a tragedy starts on the up-swing, reaches a high-point and then things start to go sour. Conflict arises over time and, as we know, the story ends in tragedy (think Romeo and Juliet). In a comedy, however, the formula is the same, but at the end of the play there is always an ‘up-tick’ – a resolution, lesson learned or a happy occasion (such as a marriage).


Comedy versus Tragedy

So, why am I writing about this as I reflect on a yoga challenge?

This all goes to say that this yoga challenge is starting to “up-tick” for me. No doubt, the struggles I’ve been experiencing since Day 4 have brought me to a place of deep reflection and introspection. The high energy I had embarking on this journey – we’ll call a “script” for comparison’s sake – suddenly went on a downward trajectory. But, now I feel that I am rising out of it. Not physically, mind you, but mentally and emotionally.

It’s not to say that my experience with this yoga challenge has for even an instant been “tragic,” but it has definitely knocked me off my rocker. I feel like I’ve been through yoga’s version of military bootcamp. For me, it has been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting and actually quite disconcerting. I’m not back to normal just yet, but I’m confident that when this thing is over I’ll be a better version of me than when I started out.

Lesson from Day 14

At first I didn’t fully attribute my sore muscles, nausea, stomach pains, headaches and mood swings (yes, it has been that bad!) to this yoga challenge. But, through conversation with a few people, it has become obvious that this process of flushing toxins from my body has manifest itself in all of these ways. I have been so humbled by how my earthly vessel has reacted to a more disciplined practise. All the unhealthy things I have fed to my body – stress, food, caffeine, busyness – have come seeping out of my pores.

So, treat your body as a temple. Don’t feel you “can’t eat this” or “can’t do that,” but be prepared to take the necessary measures to flush it out eventually and bring your body back to all its shiny goodness. That stuff won’t come out on its own.

When you do, be ready for a slight downward spiral as your body adjusts. Then wait in anticipation for the up-tick.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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