Be a Kid Again (Yoga Challenge: Day 15)

I love anything that lets me be a kid again.

Today it was “Yoga Jam” at Rocky Mountain Yoga, when we break down a single posture, prepare for it and then workshop it (like throwing in all the ingredients and trying out the recipe at the end, our instructor explained). The posture today was Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand), which is the “project” I’ve written about before. Today was going to be a rest day for me, but when I heard last night that we were going to be workshopping Pincha Mayurasana, I couldn’t resist going to class.

According to an overview our instructor gave at the beginning of class, Pincha means “Feathered” and Mayurasana means “Peacock.” She explained that one of the coolest things about peacocks is their ability to digest poisonous plants and venomous snakes while continuing to look so incredibly beautiful. By inverting ourselves, this posture allows us the opportunity to digest poisons in our systems and shake up our intestines a bit. The poison could be toxins in the body, a conversation we never digested and any residual anger, frustration, sadness or stress.

I love anything that turns me upside down. My mom tells me stories of how I used to freak her out with how I would flip around on monkey bars. She had to learn to just let me do my thing. Today I got to be that kid again. I was happy enough floating on my forearms, but if it also pushed poison out of my body, I’ll consider it a nice bonus.

Lesson from Day 15

Today I just went to play. I could almost here my mom’s voice calling to let me know it was time to come inside. I could have worked at that posture for hours if my arms hadn’t gotten so tired.

Have a ‘play date’ with yoga sometimes. Just go and have fun with it, try new things, explore and come into it like a kid again, full of excitement. If you’ve been feeling heavy at all, this will bring a lightness to your practise.

You’ll wonder where the time went. I promise.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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