Love What You Do (Yoga Challenge: Day 17)

Love what you do and all will follow.

I suppose I could leave this post at that, but I’ll elaborate a little bit.

This was the quote I got at the end of practise today (with “Devotion”) on the other side of the card. At the end of class, I turned to my friend that was practising next to me and said, “funny I got that one…it’s kind of my mantra anyways.” He agreed.

I could easily flip this quote around, too: “Do what you love and all will follow.” This has been my path in the past few years since I finished university and moved out to Banff. Since 2008, I’ve had my own series of jobs: server at a local restaurant, sales coordinator at a destination management company, community leader and floor leader at lululemon athletica here in Banff. I wasn’t passionate about everything in these jobs, but there was always something I enjoyed and loved doing. There had to be in order for me to be happy in my word. When it was time to move on, however, I didn’t linger long (this could be another mantra – “Don’t do what you don’t love!”)

My goal for the past few years through all of this has been to be writing full-time. While I was working at lululemon athletica (a company that strongly and authentically supported my goals, thanks goodness) I was writing on the side and, through the summer of ’10, interning with Alpinist Magazine. I was always waiting for the scale to tip towards writing, whether it be with finances or new opportunities. At some point I realized, however, that the scale would forever remain weighted more firmly in the land of “comfortable, reliable income” as long as I had one foot standing in that camp.

So, I took the leap into writing full-time and tipped the scale on my own. And guess what? The work came. The opportunities came. The connections came.

The view from my home office here in Banff brings extra inspiration to this writer.

Lesson from Day 17

It’s hard to let go the comfort and ease that comes from stability in our lives. But are you really doing what you want to be doing? Do you drag your feet to work in the morning?

Sometimes doors will only open up if we open them on our own. But, that takes stepping out into a void and screaming to the world, “I’m here! This is what I want to be doing with my life!” Then, let people respond. Put your neck out there and have conversations with people that are doing what you’d like to be doing. Learn how others have done it, then carve a path that works for you.

A life of stability and comfort is always waiting for you if you want to go back to it. And you know what that looks like for you. For some of us, stability means at least a tent over our heads at night. For others it is a full-time, salaried job with benefits. For me, it is a stable income in which I also work for someone else (thinking about that now makes me shudder a bit).

So, love what you do or do what you love and I promise all will follow.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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