The True Challenge (Yoga Challenge: Day 24)

I took another rest day today. It got me thinking what the meaning of “rest” is in this context.

On a busy day of work, yoga offers me a break from my computer, from staring at that bright screen and from words, in general. If I can turn that part of my brain off for even just a hour, it is a welcome alternative. And yet right now I find myself taking the time to write about Day 24 of this yoga challenge when what I really need and want is a break from the old MacBook. In that way, the challenge of writing each day about the yoga challenge has become a practise of its own.

I have to come to my Mac in the same way as I come to the Mat. With intention, focus and a desire to learn and share.

My other yoga teacher.

Lesson from Day 24

I’ve learned an important lesson through this whole challenge and that is that the true yoga challenge really exists off the mat. My time on the mat has given me valuable skills to take into my life, into my career, my day-to-day activities and my relationships. I’ve posted about each of these aspects throughout this yoga challenge.

So, my challenge to you is this: In what areas of your life could you be taking a “yoga challenge?”

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.

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