The Perils of Bill C-32 for Canadian Writers

You might have heard of the controversy over Canada’s new copyright bill. If not, I encourage you to watch this video. Over the course of the last few months, thousands of artists and writers, including me, have been writing to their local MPs in protest of the bill, which among other things, robs artists and writers of their right to royalties and payment of work used in the field of ‘Education.’ As novelist Susan Swan puts it in this video, “When teachers agree not to be paid for their work, then I will consider giving my work away for free, too.” Now, I have a great respect for teachers. In fact, I have many people in my family that teach in the formal education system. I would hope, however, that these people would recognize how damaging Bill C-32 is to writers producing the works used in their classrooms.

Copyright exists to protect those who create the content. So, on behalf of artists and writers in Canada, please write to your local Member of Parliament with your concerns over Bill C-32. You can find your MP in this listing.

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