Celebrating a new season with a new launch!


Celebrating the Spring Equinox with a new look.

As the snow melts off from a long, beautiful winter season here in The Canadian Rockies, I thought this a fitting time to refresh the website and announce some exciting developments.

So, welcome to the brand new look of http://www.meghanjoyward.com! I hope you enjoy the fresh, clean look and rather exciting background photo from my ascent of Mt. Assiniboine last summer. This Spring has brought a number of new things into my life, most importantly a new role with an exciting magazine. I have recently joined Highline Magazine as Editor and will fully take on that role by the end of May (as the rather amazing current editor phases out). Not only will I be planning and editing the print magazine with the magazine’s publisher/creative director, Kristy Davison, but also developing and maintaining a brand new website we are planning to launch at the end of the spring. So, stay tuned for that!

I have recently finished the first draft of The State of the Mountains Report, a rather long report I have been working on for The Alpine Club of Canada intermittently for the past two years. It is off to an editor now and then will go through the revision, then formatting and layout processes. I am very excited to have this report in the final phases. A summary of the report will also appear in this year’s Canadian Alpine Journal.

Additionally, plans are in the works for some upcoming travel, including Nunavut in April for 10 days and then off to Nepal this coming fall for 9 weeks, where I will be trekking and conducting research on the ever-growing issue of garbage building up at the Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Here’s to a great summer of hiking and climbing ahead, new opportunities and all the great things life brings our way!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating a new season with a new launch!

  1. Meghan Ward says:

    I didn’t see the old look, but I like the new one. And I love the background photo! You have a lot of travel coming up – I’m jealous! Congrats on the new job, and I look forward to reading about the garbage on Everest. If I were the Nepalese, I would have Nunavut!

    • Meghan says:

      I had to read your last sentence a few times, but love the pun. :) It’s interesting you say that because one of the areas I will be researching is how the Sherpa people have been integral to the success of expeditions, often compromising their traditions and beliefs for the financial gain of getting Westerners to the top. At least that’s what it looks like. So, maybe they’d have “Nunavut,” but it hasn’t turned out that way!

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