A Sneak Peek of Iqaluit, Nunavut

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I had the privilege to spend ten days in Nunavut back in April, including 4 days in the capital city, Iqaluit. On our first day we endured a three hour dogsled tour in -37 degrees Celsius, setting the tone for our battle with the cold for the rest of the trip. Here are a few photos giving a sneak peek of Iqaluit. Additional photos from Nunavut were posted with my blog post about our ski touring trip in Auyuittuq National Park. Anyways, enjoy these photos and perhaps someday I’ll have the time to tell you more stories!

2 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek of Iqaluit, Nunavut

  1. Meghan Ward says:

    Thanks Lindsay! There is a lot more where this came from…and these shots haven’t been edited at all. It has been a pretty amazing time and I’m not even halfway through. The next leg of the trip I’m ski touring through Auyuittuq National Park for 4 days. The remote experience will definitely provide some great content for photos and writing. Stay tuned!

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