Things Are Getting adVenture-ous

I have the amazing opportunity of being out at Hollyhock, Canada’s Lifelong Learning Centre on Cortes Island, British Columbia. And while the scenery and the feel of the place is enough to make the trip worth it all, I have the added bonus of being here for the Social Venture Institute, “an intensive, interactive inquiry into how to face the day-to-day challenges of running a socially conscious enterprise” (from their website). What does this all mean for me?

Well, I’m not quite sure…yet. For one, I’m here wearing a number of different hats. First and foremost, I’m here on behalf of two very forward-thinking clients, who have me doing some ‘research.’ I’m here representing my own freelance writing and marketing business. I’m here as Editor of Highline Magazine. I’m here to learn on behalf of other partners I work with, including a very exciting health and wellness website to be launched by the end of this year. So, depending on whom I’m talking to, I’m here for slightly different reasons.

If I had to spell it out, though, I’m here to be inspired, rejuvenated, to regain hope, narrow my focus and to scope out the possibilities of seeing a similar gathering of like-minded individuals in Alberta.

I’m also here for me. Ah yes, that little person inside just waiting to be spoken to again. “Hello, Meghan, it’s been awhile.” In juggling multiple contracts, writing gigs, editing requests, trying to play outside during the beautiful summertime and planning a nine week trek in Nepal – let alone clearing the decks completely before I depart – I have been so busy I have somewhat lost myself. All (most) of my projects are very fulfilling, but reading The 4-Hour Workweek lately has got me thinking about how much I take on when I really don’t need to. Call me “Yes Woman.”

So, I am here to get some perspective and to “check out” of life for a few days, even if my email inbox is telling me I should do otherwise.

I look forward to sharing my learning with you.

Ciao (for now) from the coast,


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