Off to Nepal!

Hoping I'm not forgetting something...

My final preparations are being made for my 9 weeks in Nepal! With a Monday departure, I’ve finally wrapped up any remaining contracts and started putting items aside to pack. I’ll be trekking in Nepal with my husband and a few friends in a variety of areas, including Mustang, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu and Everest (no climbing, though!) I’ve just written a longer post for my blog, The Campsite, if you’re curious to know more.

In addition to trekking, I’ll be conducting some hands-on research into the garbage removal and accumulation at Mt. Everest, the tug-of-war between tourism and tradition for the Sherpa people, and the ongoing environmental issues in Nepal, such as deforestation and over-grazing. No doubt, more stories will emerge as we trek along!

I’m looking forward to having some time to write while I’m there and work on some of my other “projects” – ideas I’ll keep to myself for now, but will no doubt surface in the year to come!

Stay tuned here, to The Campsite, and particularly to my Facebook Page, where I hope to post more frequent updates.



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