How To Create an Inspiring Workspace

Some days I sit down to work and I’m distracted by the piles of papers on my desk – invoices, notes from interviews, brochures from travels and Post-It notes of all colours. Books from a random array of topics have accumulated from research for various projects, leaving just enough room for my laptop. As a writer, I have to say that these kinds of distractions really affect my productivity and often send me to places like Starbucks, where I can work on a table that is clutter-free.

Inspired to make some changes, I called on the services of Margarita Ibbott of Downshifting: Professional Organizing Solutions in London, Ontario, to help me work my way out of my mess. Margarita gave me a virtual consultation and some tips to finding my desk again. After our call I set to work. Her tips turned out to be easy to follow and have proven to be completely sustainable. Weeks later, I am still enjoying a clean workspace.

Upon her recommendation, I also removed my wall calendar where I used to keep track of due dates (they are now in my Google Calendar). In its place I have put up some inspiring quotes, cards and photos – things to keep me focused and excited about life and my job.

You can read all about these improvements in my latest article, Calling the De-Clutter Therapist, on

Thanks Margarita! 

5 thoughts on “How To Create an Inspiring Workspace

  1. paul says:

    There are also clutter free tables at non-chain coffeehouses in Banff – and you may feel better about yourself by supporting a local business.

    • Meghan J. Ward says:

      Sorry, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned Starbucks over my local, non-chain coffeehouse. Anyone who knows me here in Banff knows that my second home is my locally-owned coffee shop and I do feel very good about supporting them. However, as a writer, I need a consistent internet connection and so far the local joint hasn’t been able to guarantee that for me. If I need to get online away from home, I head to Starbucks. They give me great service, call me by name (and locals work there, too!) and give me a great place to work. Plus, I tend to see fewer people I know there, which can be a good thing when I really need to get stuff done. The great thing about a small town like Banff is how frequently you bump into people you know. Unfortunately sometimes that’s a major distraction when you’ve got deadlines.

      For all the coffee shop options in Banff, you can check out this java guide:

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