Launching Monthly Newsletter: “Outside-In”

A tactic I used early on in my freelancing career was diversifying. By spreading myself out a bit, I could reach different audiences, do some experimenting, and carve a niche in various industries. But you know what happens after some time? You start feeling, well, spread more thinly than you’d like! Add to that motherhood and a slew of other commitments, and suddenly I was looking for a way to simplify.

The answer? Centralization. At least when it comes to how I communicate with my ever-supportive readers.

What that will look like is the launch of a brand new monthly newsletter. I’m calling it “outside-in”, a name I think pays tribute both to my love for the outdoors and also my passion for the inner journey that is well worth exploring. In my newsletter, I’ll do a round-up of my latest posts on the web (from my blogs and others), magazine publications, and projects I’m working on, as well as point to links from around the web that are inspiring my work.


If you have previously signed up for my newsletter over on The Adventures in Parenthood Project, you are already subscribed (as I’ll be discontinuing that newsletter). You will, of course, be given option to unsubscribe at any time.

Keen to keep following my journey? Sign up for the outside-in newsletter.

Thanks, as always. You guys help me stay driven and motivated.


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