52 Weeks of Feedback

Feedback is an important tool for the growth of any writer. As I writer, I know how much I appreciate it, even just to know that someone has taken the time to read my words. Unfortunately, I feel that there is a general lack of feedback in the writing industry – we are simply too busy, too pressed for time to leave our thoughts behind. So, I have dedicated myself to 52 Weeks of Feedback (read the post that inspired the challenge).

Here is the challenge:

  • I will read and comment on a piece of writing every week for 52 weeks.
  • If it is a web article, I will leave a comment using the comment feature. If it is a magazine article, or I want to comment on a book, I will email that author my feedback (or find some way of contacting him or her!)

What I’m Reading

Week 1

Managing Distraction: How and Why to Ignore Your Inbox, by Katherine Ellison

Are Writers Just Content Providers?, by Christine Peets

Week 2

Back to My Roots and On to United States Masters Swimming Short Course Spring Nationals, by Katie Levy of Adventure-Inspired

Week 3

A Weekend of Projects – Part 2 (Pilot Mountain), by Erica Lineberry of CragMama

Writers: How to Keep it Fresh and Avoid Crunch, by Angela West

Week 4

Getting Outside During a Hard Pregnancy, Lindsey Wilson of OutsideMom.com

Week 5

Imagine: How Creativity Works, a book by Jonah Lehrer

Week 6

Learning to share in the backcountry, Tanya Koob at Family Adventures in The Canadian Rockies

Week 7

Running the Juan De Fuca Trail, Ross Collicut on PureOutside

Week 8

yoga june, Sam Peris on nu roots nutrition

Week 9

Thoughts on Adventure and Fatherhood, by Mark Stephens of AdventureParents.com

Week 10

The Most Depressing Thing Happening in Digital Right Now, by Mitch Joel

Week 11

Before They’re Gone: A Family’s Year-Long Quest to Explore America’s Most Endangered National Parks, by Michael Lanza

Week 12

Gym Class Heroes, Canadian Living (June 2012), by Jennifer Power Scott

Week 13

Alaska destiny discovered, by James Edward Mills on The Joy Trip Project

Week 14

Rainy Days Mean Fatter Journals, by the Writer’s Midwife

Week 15

Getting Out Alive, by Kim Kircher

Week 16

get over it! cycling to work begins again, by Kat Feeney of Kale Spa

Week 17

Finding Comfort in Unexpected (or Expected?) Places: the Value of Going Back to Our Roots, by Katie Levy of Adventure-Inspired

Week 18

Small Steps: The Delights & Difficulties of Hiking with Children and Making it Fun, by Brooke Stephens of AdventureParents.com

Week 19

Entering the Ironman Fold, by Jennifer Ward Barber

Week 20

Forever and a Day, by Kentucky Mountain Girl’s Blog

Week 21

A Look Back: Alone with My Thoughts in Denali, Katie Levy of Adventure-Inspired

Week 22

Are You Wasting Your time Guest Blogging?, by Dan Norris of Web Control Room on Problogger

Week 23

Finding Humility the Hard Way, by Jill Wheeler on Women’s Adventure Magazine

Week 24

Ill-Prepared Glacier Park Hikers owe their lives to rescue workers… , Tony Bynum

Week 25

Backpacking with a Baby, by Charlotte Watson on Birth Takes a Village

Week 26

It’s Time To Kill Multi-Tasking, by Jocelyn K. Glei on 99U

Week 27

Things I’ve Learned from Self-Employment – Part III, Marissa Krupa on The SpokenCoast Project

Week 28

The 6 Unique Traits of All Remarkable Writers, Demian Farnworth on Copyblogger

Week 29

My Love/Hate Relationship with Ice Climbing, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Week 30

On Writing Reverse Bucket Lists and Remembering How Amazing You Are, Adventure-Inspired (check out my response here)

Week 31

How a Ski Accident Changed Our Lives, The Brave Ski Mom

Week 32

When What We Do Doesn’t Matter, The Bionic Chronicles

Week 33

Weekends Are For Amateurs, Will Gadd

Week 34

Emotional health and the outdoors, Robin Enright

Week 35

Freelancing for Free, Ann Friedman on Columbia Journalism Review

Week 36

Ian Brown: Why we are so drawn to the magnitude and beauty of mountains, Ian Brown in the Globe and Mail

Week 37

Metamorphosis (Or: Apparently My Body is Missing?!), on Mama Unabridged

Week 38

How Putting Performance First is Saving My Body Image, by Jennifer Ward Barber on Greatist

Week 39

No Girls Allowed: The #1 Reason You Weren’t Invited, by Gina Begin on Sierra Social Hub

Week 40

Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods, a book by Christine Byl

Week 41

Don’t Feel Guilty for Finding Meaning in Your Life, by Kim Kircher

Week 42

Are the Childless Necessarily Selfish?, Everywhere Once

Week 43

Adventure Is Not Just For Sexy People, Jennifer Davis-Flynne on Women’s Adventure Magazine

Week 44

Camping Courtesy: Nine Behaviours to Avoid in Public Campgrounds, Katie Levy on Adventure Inspired

Week 45

I became a mother, and died to live, Renegade Mama

Weel 46

No Regret Parenting, Brave Ski Mom

Week 47

The curse of Eve, Fresh Tracks

Week 48

You’re a stay at home mom? What do you DO all day?, Matt Walsh

Week 49

When We Were the Sea, by Niki Wilson on The Good from the Woods

Week 50

 A Poet in The Great Bear Rainforest, Lorna Crozier on Toque & Canoe

Week 51

The unexpected joys and wonders of travelling with kids, Bruce Kirkby for The Globe and Mail

Week 52

Is there a Cure for Re-entry Syndrome?, by Kim Kircher

6 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Feedback

  1. Michelle says:

    In an effort to do participate in the 52 weeks of feedback, I’ve also realized that it is time to broaden what I read. So while I haven’t heard anything back from the feedback that I’ve given, I have learned something new. Kinda cool

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