Back Home and New Publications

Well, I safely returned from Costa Rica last night, and have begun the painful process of re-entry into normal life. But, summer is upon us in the Rockies and has definitely provided a warm welcome (no pun intended).

In other news, check out my latest article in the summer 2009 issue of Highline Magazine (if you live in the Bow Valley), where I have also been included as a featured contributor.

Other projects include a few gigs for Travel Alberta publications, Fresh Tracks and City Spice, and of course some great articles about Costa Rica and my time there. Busy times ahead! Definitely getting out into the mountains this weekend, though!

Costa Rica Fast Approaching

On summit of Grizzly Peak, Kananaskis.

On summit of Grizzly Peak, Kananaskis.

My trip to Costa Rica is fast approaching and at some point I will have to surrender to the ongoing to-do list and just leave it behind! I have been busy finishing articles and researching before I leave, as well as finishing up my commitments to other aspects of my life, such as the three act original musical, History Skip, which is being performed at the Margaret Greenham Theatre here in Banff June 1 and 2.

Costa Rica will provide me with a great opportunity to put a couple of things on hold, simply because there is nothing I can do on them while I am away. So often I take on too  much and have a hard time focussing on the tasks at hand, and I am excited to have the freedom of time and thought to come up with some new material and do wee bit of a cleanse after a busy Spring.

Lately I have also been conducting interviews for a report commissioned by the Alpine Club of Canada called The State of the Mountains Report, looking at climate change and human impacts at high elevations. There is a team of people across the nation who are assisting with this project and it has been fascinating to speak to some of our country’s most experienced guides and mountaineers. So far interviews with Chic Scott, Glen Boles and Roger Laurilla have been eye opening and quite wonderful for an aspiring writer and mountaineer.

In other news, I have a book review coming out in Highline Magazine, due for release June 8. The review is on Bob Sanford’s book, The Weekender Effect, published by Rocky Mountain Books.

That’s all for now folks! The next update will likely be during or after Costa Rica!