Eye of the Beholder – Film Narration

The following is the text for the narration of Eye of the Beholder.


by Meghan J. Ward

What if we woke up to a different world?

A world that is different, but only in the mind’s eye. The exterior unchanged; our view of it transformed.

Observations empty of assumptions; understanding of our surroundings erased. The eyes a portal; the world around us unexplored. Nothing named, nothing explained.

A world we once beheld as a child. Captivated, enthralled, awed.

Unbound, we are free to just be. To breathe in the magnificent, become lost in wonderment. To be curious without a need to comprehend.

To enjoy and experience – become entirely immersed – without Time urging us to move on.

Free to see life, growth, movement… without asking how or why.

Life in all its forms rediscovered – vivid and complex. Finer details perceived; interpretation swept aside.

Wake up. Eyes wide. Wide like a child’s.

Beholding the world, anew.

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