The State of the Mountains Report

Back in Winter 2009, the Alpine Club of Canada commissioned a new project, The State of the Mountains Report, as part of its efforts to reassert the club’s support of mountain-based science.  The State of the Mountains Report takes a unique approach at pulling back the veil on climate change. In this report, twelve of Canada’s most well-known mountaineers and guides, including Chic Scott, Glen Boles, Sean Isaac, Barry Blanchard and Helen Sovdat, provide their observations and anecdotes about changes they have witnessed in the mountain environment. A select group of scientists, including Michael Demuth, Brian Menounos, Shawn Marshall and Jon Pomeroy, then respond to the observations of those mountaineers. Do the mountaineers’ stories line up with scientific research to this point? The end goal was not to produce a scientific paper, but rather a resource that any person who cares about the mountains can understand.

The report took two and a half years’ worth of intermittent research, interviews, writing, editing and formatting, but only because it was a “side project” for that duration and life and work seemed to hinder my efforts along the way. Nevertheless, the 28-page report has finally been published by The Alpine Club of Canada (2011). It is available as a downloadable PDF from the ACC’s website or read the publication below.

Thank you to all the contributor and those who supported this report from beginning to end. It was an exciting project to work on and I learn so much about the mountains I love.

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