Reaching Out to Others (Yoga Challenge: Day 21)

Something cool happened at yoga today.

"One Family Fund Canada provides tangible resources for direct financial, legal and emotional assistance to victims of terrorism living in Israel." -

A few of us got to class early and were hanging out on our mats, stretching and talking. We began to talk about the Yin class last night and I told them how my mind had been wandering so much. One woman then began to talk about how much yoga has made her more aware of some negative feelings she has towards a certain person in her life.

The next thing you know, my instructor, myself, this woman and another woman visiting the studio from Ontario were working through this issue. Perhaps yoga was bringing up some old stuff in her life? Maybe there are things from her past she needs to deal with so that she can find a new relationship with this ‘problematic’ person? Then we got talking about resources she could turn to. I suggested A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, and then the woman who was visiting from out of town and I got talking about that book. One thing led to another and next we were talking about her work “rebuilding shattered lives” with victims of terror in Israel ( I think you get the picture.

There aren’t too many spaces out there where this kind of conversation comes up. But amongst those that choose to come to their mat, there are like-minded people that are searching to be better people and to make the world a better place. Today was just one of many conversations I’ve had in the studio where I spoke to relative strangers about some of my deepest thoughts.

Lesson from Day 21

Open yourself to the community that surrounds you. People are there to support you and encourage you if you let them. So many of us walk through life thinking we can do everything on our own. We simply cannot, nor are we meant to.

You never know when someone will tell you exactly what you needed to hear. Likewise, you never know when something you say brings a person a whole new way of looking at things.

Who can you talk to after your next class?


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