Two Women’s Perspectives on Outdoor Adventure


top photo Paul Zizka, bottom photo courtesy Sarah McLean

I went for something a little bit different today and posted a joint blog post on The Campsite, where fellow Twitter friend and outdoor enthusiast, Sarah McLean (@cdnrockiesgirl) and I each answered four questions about outdoor adventure. The result was a “She Said/She Said,” offering two female outlooks on the same topic.

From She Said/She Said: Two Women’s Perspectives on Outdoor Adventure:

In this spin-off of a traditional “He Said/She Said,” Sarah and Meghan provide two female perspectives. They wrote separately, not viewing the other’s answers until they had completed their own. See where these women agreed and where their answers took different directions.

1. How did you get into the outdoors?
2. Do you think that women who pursue adventure do it for the same reasons men do, generally speaking?
3. Why are programs like ‘Chicks with Picks’ important for you/women?
4. What happens if you can’t “pull your weight” (carry an equal amount, hike as fast, climb as well) in a group setting?

If you’re curious to know our answers to these questions, have read about it on The Campsite.

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