Calling All Outdoor Gear Enthusiasts! (Take this survey.)

Take the Highline Magazine survey!

Take the Highline Magazine survey!

Mountain people often get a bad rap for being a bunch of gear junkies. But Highline Magazine thinks there’s more to the story. We’re conducting a survey to get to know our readers (and their gear closets) better! You’ll find some of the results in the Fall 2014 Issue as part of a piece I’m working on…

So, if you love the outdoors and the gear that gets you there, please take the time to fill out this survey, and you could win a $100 gift card from Mountain Equipment Co-op!

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New Directions: Moving on from Editor Position at Highline Magazine

Some news for you today!

After two and a half years as Editor of Highline Magazine, the mountain culture magazine here in the Canadian Rockies, life has called me onto new adventures! Many of you know that I welcomed a daughter to the world back in March 2013. With my new responsibility of mamahood, as well as some other exciting opportunities with my writing, I knew I needed to make a change. It has not been an easy decision. I know this publication is a very special one, and the team members behind it are some of the most inspiring, creative, talented and hilarious people I know. Please read my Letter from the Editor, which we posted this week over at, to read my full announcement.

You can access all the digital versions of the magazine here.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on what I’m up to and the exciting projects calling my name. Keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news!

Highline Magazine: In Print and Online!

The New!

I’m pretty stoked to announce that the Summer 2011 issue of Highline Magazine has now hit the stands! I joined the team at Highline as the new Editor back in the Spring, and have been thoroughly enjoying my even deeper immersion into mountain culture of the Canadian Rockies (you can always go deeper!) You can pick up a copy of the latest issue at a variety of locations in Banff, Canmore and Calgary or read our digital edition on!

This latest issue features two articles I wrote: a feature, Growing Up Green at the Plain of Six Glaciers (pages 8-10), and short update about a recent book launch, Famous Canadian Rockies Guide Turns 40 (page 29.)

As well, we recently launched a brand new website at, which is set to be the new hub for all things Canadian Rockies. The new site features blog posts written by writers in Canmore, Banff, Jasper, Edmonton and the Calgary area, as well as links to local conditions (trail, climbing, road, animal sightings), a business listing, photos, and more! I’ve been editing all of the blog posts and writing a few myself, which has been a wonderful experience. I feel so privileged to be working with such a talented team.

Enjoy and all feedback is welcome!


Celebrating a new season with a new launch!


Celebrating the Spring Equinox with a new look.

As the snow melts off from a long, beautiful winter season here in The Canadian Rockies, I thought this a fitting time to refresh the website and announce some exciting developments.

So, welcome to the brand new look of! I hope you enjoy the fresh, clean look and rather exciting background photo from my ascent of Mt. Assiniboine last summer. This Spring has brought a number of new things into my life, most importantly a new role with an exciting magazine. I have recently joined Highline Magazine as Editor and will fully take on that role by the end of May (as the rather amazing current editor phases out). Not only will I be planning and editing the print magazine with the magazine’s publisher/creative director, Kristy Davison, but also developing and maintaining a brand new website we are planning to launch at the end of the spring. So, stay tuned for that!

I have recently finished the first draft of The State of the Mountains Report, a rather long report I have been working on for The Alpine Club of Canada intermittently for the past two years. It is off to an editor now and then will go through the revision, then formatting and layout processes. I am very excited to have this report in the final phases. A summary of the report will also appear in this year’s Canadian Alpine Journal.

Additionally, plans are in the works for some upcoming travel, including Nunavut in April for 10 days and then off to Nepal this coming fall for 9 weeks, where I will be trekking and conducting research on the ever-growing issue of garbage building up at the Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Here’s to a great summer of hiking and climbing ahead, new opportunities and all the great things life brings our way!

New Publication: O Canada Go!

Keep your eyes out for the latest issue of Highline Magazine.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Winter 2010 issue of Highline Magazine featuring my latest article, O Canada Go! In this article, you’ll find a brief history of the Olympic spirit in the Bow Valley and cool interviews with four Olympic hopefuls.

Check out what Phil Widmer, Sara Renner, Chandra Crawford, and Mike Robertson had to say about what the Olympics mean to them, what motivates them as athletes, and more! Which one of these athletes thinks a cool Polynesian culture would scratch the travel itch – you’ll have to read to find out. You can pick up Highline Magazine in the upcoming weeks throughout the Bow Valley.

In other news – I hit up Sunshine Village last week and it was amazing. Coming from Ontario, where powder is something you only dab on your nose, my day in the pow up at the hill was unreal. So far, it’s been a great start to the ski season, and let’s hope that keeps up! Anything could be better than last year’s. Can’t wait to get touring this winter.

Next up is coverage for Skiing Magazine of the upcoming World Cup and WinterStart festival in Banff an Lake Louise. Hope to see you there!

Not a great shot, but check out that snow!

© Meghan J. Ward, 2009.

Back Home and New Publications

Well, I safely returned from Costa Rica last night, and have begun the painful process of re-entry into normal life. But, summer is upon us in the Rockies and has definitely provided a warm welcome (no pun intended).

In other news, check out my latest article in the summer 2009 issue of Highline Magazine (if you live in the Bow Valley), where I have also been included as a featured contributor.

Other projects include a few gigs for Travel Alberta publications, Fresh Tracks and City Spice, and of course some great articles about Costa Rica and my time there. Busy times ahead! Definitely getting out into the mountains this weekend, though!