Interview on Hike Like a Woman

How does a mom, business owner, and outdoor adventurer balance it all? Have I ever had a family adventure that went horribly wrong? What would I tell my 12-year-old self?

Rebecca from Hike Like a Woman sure had a wide range of questions for me in her podcast, on an episode she called “Real Life in Banff.” Sounds about right, seeing as I get down to the bare bones (sometimes skeletons) of things, and give you the honest truth on my life as a parent, wife, entrepreneur. Plus, I was entirely unscripted and somewhat unprepared, so my answers are about as authentic as they come!

→ If you’d like to give the podcast a listen (I highly recommend tuning into her other episodes, too!), head on over to Hike Like a Woman.

Proud to Be on Board as Aventura’s Newest Ambassador

affiliate_logoIt’s not every day you get asked to represent a company that you really admire, but back in July that’s exactly what happened. Aventura Clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand based in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas. They use organic and sustainable fibres to make their clothing and fulfill their mission to “help the earth one garment at a time.”

As an ambassador I engage regularly with the company on social media, represent their brand by wearing their clothing and will soon do a round-up of their Fall 2015 line on

Meghan J. Ward in Aventura

In the Ziva Sweater by Aventura Clothing.

They recently conducted an interview with me for their blog to introduce me to their community. I appreciated their thoughtful questions and wanted to post some of them here for you to read (you can read the rest in the interview!)

What piece of advice would you share with parents who are new to adventuring with their children?

Young children are quite adaptable, but the best approach, in my opinion, is to retain some familiarity and sense of routine amidst your adventuring. This might mean planning adventures around a nap schedule, bringing some of your child’s favourite items on a hike, or establishing a new routine while you’re travelling. Be sensitive to your child’s particular needs and help him or her feel comfortable and included in the adventure by making it fun and exploratory. Appropriate rewards and incentives go a long way in helping them cope in new situations.

What is one accomplishment in the past year you are most proud of?

Last March I launched a new mountain culture media and publishing company here in Banff, called Crowfoot Media. It was the culmination of eight years of dreaming, many years of working with other publications, and finding the right business partner. I can’t wait to see our first issue in print.

What is one thing that gets easier as you get older?

As I get older I’m better able to discern which relationships I want to invest in, which seem to have played an important role in my life for a season, and which I should let go of. I have less tolerance for carrying other people’s negative energy, and so I like to surround myself with positive people who have a clear vision for their lives and who don’t get caught up in drama. It’s wonderfully refreshing to have the confidence to involve myself with people who keep me feeling buoyant.


Psst…ladies in the USA, if you love Aventura, contact me to get a unique discount code!

Interview with recently contacted me about participating in their Travel Tuesday Q&A. I promptly agreed. A chance to talk about my favourite place on the planet (The Canadian Rockies)? You bet I will!

They asked me lots of questions about my favourite spots in the Canadian Rockies, my life as a writer, and my own travel habits. My favourite question: Are there any common misconceptions about the Rockies region that you’d like to dispel? You’ll have to read the article to find out!

Outdoor Blog Swap: The Campsite and Adventure-Inspired

Katie's interview with me on Adventure-Inspired.

I recently had the chance to “swap blogs” with Katie Levy from Adventure-Inspired. We had the idea of interviewing each other to learn more about why we love to blog about the outdoors, what inspires us and what the rest of our lives really look like!

Check out the Blog Swap here:

My interview with Katie on The Campsite.

  • Tell me a bit about yourself. When you’re not posting on Adventure-Inspired, what are you doing?
  • When did you start the Adventure-Inspired blog? What led you to start on such a big project?
  • The website sometimes says “us” and “we.” Who, apart from yourself, is involved in Adventure-Inspired?
  • I particularly enjoy the interviews (with people in the outdoor industry) on Adventure-Inspired. Which interview was your favourite to date?
  • What do you hope people ultimately take away from the content on Adventure-Inspired?
  • What do you think is in the future for Adventure-Inspired?

Katie’s interview with me on Adventure-Inspired.

  • What inspires you to write?
  • Where did the idea for The Campsite come from?
  • What’s your ultimate goal with The Campsite?
  • What advice do you have for women who want to get started in some of the outdoor activities you love, but don’t know where to start?
  • Tell me a little about exactly what it is that you do…what’s a typical day in the life?
  • Is blogging part of your full time job?
  • It’s definitely hard to balance work demands and the day-to-day demands of life with getting outside and doing what you love. How do you find the balance?