Reaching New Heights with

So, I started my time as the Online Editorial Intern with this past week and it has been a whirlwind of learning and opportunities already. It feels a bit surreal to be corresponding with Sonnie Trotter and Raphael Slawinski this past week. These are two climbers I admire so much, and I really feel the responsibility of telling their stories accurately. It’s hard enough to get a hold of some of these people, but of course having to back you up probably increases the likelihood of getting a response in the first place. Still, the experience has been positive so far. The connections I am making will be incredibly useful in the future.

My editor and I have walked through some of my articles word-for-word and this is a valuable process that is rare to come across as a writer. I am very thankful for his dedication to my learning and also thankful for the work I have done over the years to develop tools to bring to the table.

Anyways, here are the links to the first two articles, now available online:

Ice Explored in Canadian Rockies Niche

Trotter Headpoints New Squamish 5.14



Two Posts, Two Worlds

Who would have ever thought that I’d have two posts – one on a food website and the other a skiing magazine –  published on the same day?

Cooking = Small Disaster

The topics couldn’t be more different, but it that shows the diversity of my interests, I suppose.

Food, well… cooking food,  has never been my forte, but I’ve always been willing to try new things! So, when my cousin – a foodie/triathlete/writer – asked me to provide a guest post for her successful food website, fresh cracked pepper, I couldn’t help but take her up on the challenge. The result was a great batch of muffins and a lot of laughs to go with it. You can check it out on

Secondly, I am excited to say that Skiing Magazine took a chance on me and let me write about the World Cup at Lake Louise. I spent two consecutive weekends up at this beautiful ski hill watching both the mens’ and womens’ downhill. I was blow away by the talent of our athletes, some of whom will be fighting for top spots in Vancouver at the upcoming Olympics. In addition to that, I learned some lessons while attending my first World Cup ever. You can find out what I learned in 4 Lessons from the Lake Louise World Cup on the Skiing Magazine website.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2009.

New Publication: Banff Mountain Festival Is a Must-See

Every year, the Banff Mountain Festival puts a spark in an otherwise dreary fall season here in The Rockies. Bringing together mountaineers, adventurers, filmmakers, authors and speakers, the Book and Film Festivals offer an amazing week of armchair excitement.

I decided to interview Festival Director, Shannon O’Donoghue, to get the inside scoop on the Festivals, as part of an article featured on the Travel Alberta: Holiday Ideas website.You can find the article here.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2009.

New Article in Travel Alberta’s “City Spice”

Back in the summer I interviewed the head chef at one of Banff’s best restaurants, The Bison Restaurant and Lounge, to find out more about their in house charcuterie program. It is a neat part of their quest for sustainable practices in the food industry. You can read a bit more about their unique approach to this ancient tradition in the current issue of City Spice in Reviving a Tasty Tradition.