Interview on Park Radio

I was recently interviewed on Park Radio about my life as a writer, my journey there, my thoughts on social media and more! You can listen to the 14 minute podcast by clicking this link.

Thanks, and feel free to comment below after listening to the podcast.

Yahe Weha Makes Radio Debut

It’s sounds crazy to me, too. Me doing radio? But this is one of my latest projects, and I’m having a blast with it. I am now hosting a segment on Highline Radio, as part of Parks Radio (101.1 FM in the Bow Valley). This segment is called “Wild Women of the Rockies, with Yahe Weha” and will mainly deal with the topic of women who pioneered adventure, mountaineering and exploration in the Rockies, current women who continue to push the limits, and also discuss issues women face in the man’s world outdoors. What did Mary Schaffer do when she was told she simply couldn’t be an explorer? What does it feel like to climb an 8000 metre peak? Why is it so significant that women are even allowed to wear pants these days?

Come find out!

You can download the latest podcasts from Parks Radio here.