Finding Routine (Yoga Challenge: Day 18)

It should not be challenging to get to your mat. The challenge should begin once you are on your mat.

This is something our instructor spoke about today after class as we were all discussing the benefits of this 30 day yoga challenge. He mentioned that one thing that people often learn with a challenge like this is that it is possible to make time in your day to go to yoga. It’s all just a matter of choice. I find it’s true – before, I would look at my week and see where I could fit a few classes in. Now I look at my week, a week in advance, and decide when I’ll go to yoga. I do this before my week fills up.

I’ve been wondering lately what kind of routine I’ll get into once this yoga challenge is over. While I’d love to have a six day practise, I’m not sure if it’s what’s best for me. I’m a (bit of a) perfectionist and if I set out to go six days and I end up doing four, I might be disappointed in myself. I know I’m better off setting my expectations a bit lower and, if I manage to do six, than all the better. I’m not sure if this defeats the purpose of a disciplined practise. Anyway, I’ll keep thinking about this during the last 12 days of the challenge. My thinking now is that I’ll just try to go as much as possible.

The other area I would like to explore is a home practise. Yes, a home practise! This is a big leap for me. I know the postures and I am excited to begin exploring this option more.

Lesson from Day 18

Whatever I decide to do, the most important thing to keep in mind is that getting to yoga should be the least challenging part of my day. With this challenge I have found that the task of carving yoga into my schedule is no task at all. I simply have to, want to, get there. Once on the mat, I can decide how deep I want to take the practise and what I am searching for that day. This involves checking in with a few areas, such as how I’m feeling, where my balance is at, what the moon cycle is and what I am working through in my life in that moment.

Check in. Where are you at? How will this alter your yoga practise today? Think about it for a bit and then go with the flow.

Yoga today might not go into any postures at all, other than seated Pranayama. And that’s perfectly fine.

© Meghan J. Ward, 2011.