Feature Article on Cahoots

This Spring, Cahoots Magazine has chosen Sisterhood in the Wilderness as one of their Feature Articles. See the article here. The article discusses what it means to be a mountain woman in a man’s world of mountaineering.

What can we learn from our mountainwoman predecessors like Gertrude Benham and Mary Schaffer?

Photo by: Paul Zizka

Photo by: Paul Zizka


I was delighted when my friend Tim* announced that he had a new girlfriend, not only because I was happy that he had found a companion, but also because I would no longer be quite so outnumbered by my male counterparts when we embarked on adventures in the outdoors on weekends.

I couldn’t ask for better hiking comrades, but when I found myself gradually acquiring pink apparel to wear on our adventures, I became more aware that perhaps I was making a statement without really intending to do so. My passion and my determination once fuelled my efforts to ‘keep up’ with my male climbing partners. But keeping up with a guy that’s a full foot taller than you is a nearly impossible task, so I eventually settled on passionately prodding away at my own pace, enhancing the already beautiful landscape with my pink presence… [read the rest here.]