On the Hunt for Aurora Borealis with Paul Zizka

Feature photo from Travel Alberta Winter Magazine 2014-2015. Photo by Paul Zizka.

It is not every day that you get assigned a story you’ve been dying to write, and even less likely to be asked to write about a person very close to you. So, I was ecstatic when Travel Alberta approached me about writing a story about my husband, Paul Zizka, and his quest to chase the Northern Lights here in the Canadian Rockies. Having the insider’s perspective on this crazy chase, especially during the solar maximum in 2013, I could have written a lot more about life at home, and how it intermingles with aurora forecasts, solar flares and Paul’s incredible ambition to capture the dancing lights. But I left myself out of the story, and talked purely about Paul’s efforts to photograph the aurora borealis, and the resources he uses to track the likelihood of their appearance.

It was a cool night on May 31, 2013, when professional photographer Paul Zizka left his home in Banff to drive to Herbert Lake, a small body of water along the world-famous Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park. Eagerly, he glanced upwards through the windshield, checking the skies at regular intervals. All forecasts predicted the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights, would put on a show – perhaps the best one of the year. “I knew I was on the verge of what could be one of the greatest photo ops I had ever encountered,” Paul explained.  → Read the rest of the article, starting on Page 30 here. 

New Article in Travel Alberta’s “City Spice”

Back in the summer I interviewed the head chef at one of Banff’s best restaurants, The Bison Restaurant and Lounge, to find out more about their in house charcuterie program. It is a neat part of their quest for sustainable practices in the food industry. You can read a bit more about their unique approach to this ancient tradition in the current issue of City Spice in Reviving a Tasty Tradition.

New Article on Travel Alberta Website

Photo by Paul Zizka.

Photo by Paul Zizka.

The latest article is up and running on the Travel Alberta Website! The article will also be featured in Fresh Tracks, a publication of Travel Alberta, in their August 2009 edition. Find out more about the history of mountain guiding in the Canadian Rockies, the Conrad Kain Centennial and where you can hire a guide today by reading the article here.

Excerpt: Climbing equipment is more sophisticated and modern guidebooks describe routes in enough detail to assist with route-finding on an ascent. As a result, more peaks are accessible to experienced amateur climbers. However, books and equipment don’t always help with decision-making – and they can’t kick steps up a snow slope for an aspiring climber. Almost any climbing party will benefit from the knowledge and skill of a certified mountain guide.

New Articles in The Gazette and CAJ

CAJ 2009

CAJ 2009

Yesterday I opened my PO Box and found two of my latest publications had been released to the public.

In the Canadian Alpine Journal –  a book review of Expedition to the Edge: Stories of Worldwide Adventure, by Lynn Martel and published by Rocky Mountain Books (2008).

In The Gazette (Magazine of The Alpine Club of Canada) – an overview of Conrad Kain celebrations, commemorating the centennial since his arrival in Canada in 1909.

I am currently working on articles for Travel Alberta publications (Fresh Tracks and City Spice), due for submission in the upcoming month.

Back Home and New Publications

Well, I safely returned from Costa Rica last night, and have begun the painful process of re-entry into normal life. But, summer is upon us in the Rockies and has definitely provided a warm welcome (no pun intended).

In other news, check out my latest article in the summer 2009 issue of Highline Magazine (if you live in the Bow Valley), where I have also been included as a featured contributor.

Other projects include a few gigs for Travel Alberta publications, Fresh Tracks and City Spice, and of course some great articles about Costa Rica and my time there. Busy times ahead! Definitely getting out into the mountains this weekend, though!